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The Best Underwater Sea Scooter For Yacht Charter Guests

Are you looking for a powerful, underwater scooter that ticks all the boxes? When it comes to sourcing an efficient and robust diving scooter, it can be hard to navigate where to begin your search, especially with so many options to choose from.

That’s why we’re rounding up and comparing the best water scooters to help you choose the most competitively priced, sturdy, and long-lasting options - a guide perfect for those looking to either upgrade their existing model or purchase a brand new sea scooter for the first time. With a wide range of water toys and dive scooters on the market, we’re making sure you have all the information you need to find the perfect fit for you and your charter guests. From entry-level professional dive scooters to the world’s fastest and most powerful sea scooters - we have compiled the facts to find the perfect underwater propeller for you.

What is an underwater propulsion vehicle (UPV)?

A UPV or diving scooter is a compact, high-tech battery-powered device that helps propel you forward in the water when scuba diving or snorkelling, allowing you to explore the ocean at higher speeds while preserving more of your energy. This fun piece of equipment can be used on top of the water’s surface as well as underneath, allowing the user to dive deep below the surface. Also known as DPVs or diving propulsion vehicles, sea scooters are already a must for keeping yacht charter guests entertained during the summer, and they are perfectly suited to professional scuba divers looking to explore the ocean with an extra boost. We have narrowed down the best underwater scooters to cater to your personal watercraft needs, starting from the most affordable to the highest performing; for ease of comparison. All motorised underwater scooter models rated in our guide also feature all-around non-marking, impact protection bumpers on the exterior, and impact protection systems for interior components, to ensure you’re investing in the most reliable ocean scooter for your yacht charter needs.

Choosing a suitable UPV

If you’re looking for a scuba scooter that is resilient and robust whilst still being at a lower price point, the AquaDart Pro 680 Light is the perfect model for you.

Despite being an entry-level professional underwater jet-ski, it still packs a punch with top speeds of 15 km/h and a maximum depth of 40 meters (131 feet). It features 5 power levels to build up to that top speed and is powered by 3.6kW to give you that extra adrenaline boost whilst scooter snorkelling.

The lower price point doesn’t compromise on quality - designed using materials and technology tough enough to withstand harsh marine environments, the AquaDart Pro 680 Light has a less than 1% failure rate at a price of only $7,490 or €7,490. At this price point, less than half the cost of a similar competitor’s sea scooters, many of our charter yacht customers have bought two or three AquaDart Pros 680s, which enables more guests to have fun at the same time. Reliability is of top priority when using underwater sea scooters for yacht charter guests, and this high-tech piece of kit has an operating time of between 70-120 minutes and is sure to withstand the test of time and heavy usage. With the optional fast charger, the AquaDart Pro 680 Light can be used again after a luxurious lunch or just 120 minutes. AquaDart Pro models are built on a modular system inspired by the automotive industry and are easy to maintain when needed. All repairs can be carried out onboard your vessel quickly without a dedicated mechanic or onshore servicing, and the individual components can be easily replaced using our ’plug and play’ system.

If you’re looking for a dive scooter that has a longer run time for extended underwater exploration or even a Sea Scooter Safari with your fellow yacht charter guests, we recommend the AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer as an alternative. This underwater jet is priced at $7,990 (€7,990) and has been performance optimised to deliver up to 120 minutes of run time - ideal for charter guests that just can’t get enough of water sports toys! The AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer is an eco-friendly way to swim with the dolphins or simply explore underwater marine life peacefully. Whether your superyacht owner or guests prefer diving or snorkeling the AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer is the perfect yacht water toy. There’s also an option to purchase an AquaDart Fast Charger to kick the battery back up to either 80% in 70 minutes, or 100% in just over two hours. With 5 gears and 680 Newtons of thrust, the AquaDart 680 Pro Explorer is one of the fastest but safest sea scooters, with programmable speed control, which also makes it perfect for children and beginners. As a convenient and cost-effective underwater water scooter for superyacht charter guests, we can’t fault it.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve ranked the world’s fastest underwater scooter for yacht charter guests as the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme. This model of electric sea scooter showcases a flash carbon-fibre body, reducing the weight to just 37kg whilst increasing the power. The compact and lightweight nature of the build of all iAQUA water scooters make them perfect for portability and storage on your yacht. The AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme’s high-powered motor produces over 5.3 kW of power and delivers a punch of 770 Newtons of thrust, making it the fastest dive scooter in the world. With a thrust so powerful, users can expect to be propelled through the water at speeds of up to 25 kph in under 3 seconds! For $15,490 (€15,490), scuba divers can explore the ocean to a depth of 45m with a max operating time of 140 minutes, viewing nature’s delights in all their glory with the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme’s high-powered underwater lights. If your area of exploration is a busy one, the twin headlights not only illuminate the seafloor but can also provide visibility to passing boats on surfacing, to keep you safe. Having personally tested the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme I can guarantee you, it was so fast and so powerful that it almost pulled my arms off! It could even pull two full-grown men at one time - with ease. I have even seen the iAqua team test pulling over 2000 KG using this machine!

If your owner or yacht charter guests demand the fastest, the world’s most powerful, and the best Sea Scooter or UPV, look no further than the AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme If you’re interested in an AquaDart Pro model, visit our website for further information.